Homfa Children's Kitchen Stool, Wooden Two-step Standing Platform with Support Handles and Anti-slip Mat, Children's Foot Stool Standing Tower, White

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Unexpected and great product

Bought my daughter a washroom ladder, she really liked it, directly as a toy played a long time. Stairs overall no odor, non-slip pads are not easy to slip, disassembly and cleaning is also convenient, the height and washstand with a very good, up and down the stairs are very convenient

Bull Del
Recommended to buy, suitable for my 3-year-old son

Padded footstool material is very good, not cheap thin wood. The color is the same as the picture shown. After using it really works well, very sturdy, very stable, safe to use, step on it will not slip, bought to facilitate his hands and brush teeth with, sometimes can also be used as a stool to sit and play.

Guy Dussek
Convenient for children to wash their hands and brush their teeth

Children love this small stepping stool, very good, stool material is very thick, wooden structure is very stable, stepping foot has a layer of non-slip rubber pad, to prevent the baby's feet on the water slipped, the design is very thoughtful. Other details are also very fine workmanship, no burrs and sharp corners, the baby is now stepping on to wash their hands, brush their teeth are very convenient ~

The height of the sink matches perfectly

This ladder is I think the most successful, children wash their hands and dishes so convenient, the children also like, exercise their hands.

Sturdy and stable ladders

Good quality, good installation, adults stand up there is no problem, will not be easy to turn, children like to climb