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Humidifier with Quiet Touch Operation - 360¡ã Rotation Nozzle, Lasts up to 28 Hours for Large Room & Bedroom, Black

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Notts Pharm
simply and does its job

This is pretty good. Very quiet, even more so than my last one. I've used this for like a month and a half and feel like it does its job. I feel a lot of its efforts are canceled out because of our heater this winter, but it's definitely better than not having it and I'm sure the air will fill more humid once the weather warms slightly and we don't have the heater on every 10 minutes.

My favorite humidifier ever!

Beautifully built! Love the modern and sleek design. The low mist option puts off a lot more than I expected. Perfect for my dry skin and my son's medical issues. We run humidifiers nonstop. Will definitely purchase again! Super quiet too. I placed mine in the central-most location of my house. To add moisture to the most rooms possible.

Lots of mist! Doesn't leak.

Love this humidifier. I've been using it constantly for about a week and have had no problems. While I was moving it, it tipped back a little bit and the emergency shut off shut it off immediately so I can trust that it is safe. It also does shut off when it's empty. If you are concerned with fingerprints, the black one does leave them. I don't imagine the white one would, but it’s not a big enough deal for me to care. I'm super happy with my purchase.

Excellent Humidifier!

It's a great humidifier that does everything it was intended to do. The tank is huge! It is a nice perk since refilling a smaller tank every hour can get quite annoying. Even on Max power, which is a strong mist, this humidifier still lasts for hours. Overall, great humidifier with a few extra parts. Worth the price for me.

Large reservoir

It's a big humidifier with an analog dial for mist settings and no extra decorative lights, which makes it ideal for my space. It all fits solidly together and seems well constructed. Overall I'm totally satisfied with it.