Homfa 3 Legs Double Nesting Coffee Table

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Homfa 3 Legs Double Nesting Coffee Table

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Hui Yi
It's very beautiful. I love it .

It's very beautiful. I love it .

Light weight

Easy to assemble and light weight.

Monica C
Love these tables

Great looking great quality

Uncovered level of complexity

I like to put together furniture without looking at the instructions. It’s kind of my thing. This was more challenging than most, not in a bad way per se, but there is a detail related to how the metal pieces overlap that’s kind of important... especially if you are a really particular (obsessive compulsive) person like I am. I won’t explain it well and the company didn’t even try in the video (no copy of instructions included). They completely skip it which frustrates me. It still works if you just do it all haphazardly, but there is a reason lots of negative reviews mention having to really force it. If done uniformly, there’s no need to force anything.The best I can do to explain is that at higher joint, looking at the leg from the inside (see pic for perspective), the pieces overlap so that the bar coming from the left is on the bottom. It’s the opposite on the lower joint. On the bottom row of joints, the bar coming from the left is on top of the bar to the right. If you aren’t deliberate about this, you would need to force it and bent bars make things less stable.Hope that helps.Also the screw length only worked in the one middle location without the washer... because it’s thicker there there the bars overlap. That really should have been accounted for in the design.

Good Nest of Tables

I got this table on Prime Day, which I thought was a fair price of £40. I think any more may have been too much. The table is sturdy and light, but has does wear from use where the tables nest against each other. This is my first furniture buy from Walmart and I think it’s a good quality piece.