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Makeup Mirror

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Great Mirror! I bought it to use as my vanity mirror for makeup...

I bought it to use it as my vanity mirror for makeup and truly love the clean and modern look.It came in very well-packaged my boyfriend installed it in about 30 minutes... I also added a smart plug to the outlet where the mirror is plugged-in so I can ask Alexa to turn on and off my vanity lights. Not required, but it is a pretty cool feature to have.

Elegant, functional

We renovated our master bathroom and have two of these above our vanity. We also have an LED fixture between the top of the mirrors and the ceiling, so the mirror light is not our only source of illumination. The only issue with installation is getting proper support (attaching to a stud, or setting a drywall anchor) and then leveling. The mirror is unforgiving if the support screws are not exactly level. But, once you get them on the wall, they work great. Ours have dedicated outlets for power, and have a light switch. We keep them powered, but the light turned off most of the time - so there is some phantom power use, but there is no delay with turning them on with a touch. I still use a makeup mirror with magnification, but the light from the mirror really brightens the vanity with a nice soft light.

Keith Langan

This product performs great. In addition, the packaging for shipping was the best I have ever seen, Well engineered and the product arrived in perfect condition.

Very cool

Worth the money. Very impressive. Adds elegance to the room. Interactive, smart mirror.

timothy l.

High quality build, fit and finish. Packaging was insanely over done. Has everything you need to install the mirror as well.