Ladder Bookcase

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Ladder Bookcase

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Karen Mellishmay
Easy Peasy Book Nook

No problem putting this together, looks great, sturdy. Nice size for a small condo.

June T
Nice looking and very sturdy

This bookshelf is quite sturdy. I could have put more books on it than shown in my photos. Because the bookshelf is particle board, I was worried it might look cheap and ugly compared to the good mid-century modern furniture I inherited from my mother and grandmother. No problem! In the photo with the bookshelf next to a solid wood end table, you can see that the bookshelf isn’t as high quality, but it doesn’t clash, especially since that end table normally sits several feet away. (The bookshelf is a darker color, but I knew that when I bought it.) Assembly was reasonably easy; the holes were drilled in the correct places to line up well, all of the hardware was included, and the instructions were clear despite being just a series of pictures. The only tool I used was a hand held Phillips screwdriver. It took me 2.5 hours to assemble, but that’s because I'm a total perfectionist. I work VERY slowly with meticulous attention to detail, and consult the instructions frequently. A normal person could probably assemble it in 45 minutes.

Roger Klasnich
Tree Bookcase

Looks great and holds plenty of books. The only thing to be aware of is during assembly be careful to align the shelves correctly, take your time.

D. Ward
Exactly what I was looking for

For the price even on sale real wood would have been nice however it was perfect. I clean for an older couple & for over 10 years I have tried various things to clean up near his chair. As soon as I seen this I knew it would be perfect! photos are kind of dark, not my house so I felt a little uncomfortable taking pics but he was very happy & now that he’s using a walker I am very happy that books are no longer strewn across the floor.

Brian Roskuszka
Best Bookshelf I neve knew I needed

When I moved into my new apartment I was looking for a bookshelf to go with the rest of my furniture, then this tree-like thing came up as a suggestion. I saw it and thought I gotta have it. Well, now I have it and it works well. It feels fairly sturdy. Mine wobbles a bit, but that's to be expected as there's only one base point and I didn't use the stabilizing hook to attach the backside to the wall. I'd say mine's holding about 20 lbs of books and it's no problem.