Homfa King Size Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard, Diamond Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed Frame, Black

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Tracy Archibald
I love the simple and modern look of the bed frame with the cool silver border

The look of this bed frame at a glance made me think that it was the modern one I wanted, because of its gold border, I didn't think the color would look good, so I ended up choosing this one. With the silver border, the black and silver color is very modern and chic together. It doesn't have that vintage vibe, which I don't like, I prefer this. Simple and clean modern style.

Jacqueline Taylor
Silver-colored border nicely finishes the noble black bed frame

This black bed frame is beyond luxurious and airy, the zero-button wrapped style on it is very elegant and what's more, there is a silver border that makes it look even more luxurious. So inside our modern style bedroom, this bed frame has definitely become a protagonist, it is really perfect.

Dwight Harrington
Lucky to have fast delivery, satisfied with the bed frame purchase.

It was a very nice day and what made me even happier is that I ordered this black bed frame and it was delivered earlier and faster than I expected. I received it today, and this long frame it is upholstered, its velvet material is very smooth and skin-friendly, and the black velvet shows more of an atmospheric and luxurious texture. With the silver frame, such a modern and stylish look design, very beautiful, I gave it to my mom, she loved it.

Stan Robert
This bed frame became a crucial bedroom furniture for me

This bed frame has been with me for a month now, and during this month he has given me so many cozy moments, and thanks to him when I was sad, well, it gave me great company. Every day I lie on it I feel very secure and very comfortable, I love this bed frame, very much.

Crystal Ricardo
The excellent quality of the bed frame is excellent than I expected and the support is very stable

The quality of the bed frame is beyond my expectations, it's much better and better quality than I expected, and it's more supportive than I thought it would be, and it's great for the three of us adults to lay on it and read books and play games. Nice and firm, no wobbling. Since my best friends and I are planning my birthday party, the quality of it is going to be superior to what I thought it would be.