Homfa Full Size Storage Bed with 4 Drawers, Tufted Upholstered Headboard Platform Bed Frame, Beige

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Like this bed

I was really surprised by this bed, it looks is beautiful! The drawers are great quality, they hold a lot of stuff, and because they have wheels underneath them, I can still pull them out easily even though I have a lot of stuff in them. It took me a long time to decide on a bed and a lot of effort to put it together, but it seems well worth it now. Next I'll have to spend time picking out new sheets again, but this time it should be a lot easier because whatever sheets go on this bed, they'll look great together!

heavy package, great quality

I haven't put it all together yet, but so far it looks like all the pieces are here and the package is substantial, from which I'm guessing the bed frame is pretty good quality. I plan to go to my new room after this busy week to finish assembling this bed frame with my sister, so it looks like it will be another busy weekend.

Kayla T. Meade
Beautiful bed frame

This bed frame is very good quality. Easy to assemble. I purchased the bed in beige and I put my favorite goose yellow comforter on the bed and now they make my room look more cozy. The bed frame is already sturdy so I put the mattress right on top of it and hope to sleep well every day from now on. I highly recommend this bed frame and plan to buy it again when I move to a new home!

Excellent experience

I love the headboard, it looks so classy. I don't know much about assembly and I'm not very good at crafts, I just know there are a lot of parts, so I let my brother do this and it took a few hours. The bed frame that came out of the final assembly is very sturdy, especially the storage drawer at the bottom of the bed which I love. I can put all my shoes and socks that I don't wear for a while in it, and now my room is tidier because of this storageable bed frame, and my mom finally stopped nagging me.

Jesse R.
Bedframe with storage

My parents wanted a soft bed frame and wanted storage space under the bed, as well as a nice cushioned headboard. I searched long and hard and finally decided to buy this bed frame because it seemed to fit our needs, and that's exactly what happened, we've been using this bed frame for over a month now and so far are very happy!