Homfa Farmhouse Console Table with Drawer, 2 Door and 2 Drawers Wood Foyer Table Coffee Bar Storage Cabinet for Entryway Living Room, Brown

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Madeline Attlee
The small size is a great convenience for us, super, super love this entryway cabinet!

It's such a small cabinet that has made my entryway so much more organized, I purchased a total of two to place together and it has created so very, very much extra storage space in the entryway of our home. This extra space plays a very important role in organizing our overall items. The two of them together have a very wide table top on which we have placed a lot of small appliances. At the same time, the bottom can also be placed in a lot of storage baskets, because we have a lot of these baskets, now thanks to the blessing of this cabinet, have found a suitable place to place and arrange. Also, it has plenty of space inside the cabinet doors.

Flora Eliot
Purchased two of this model and it's great!

The cabinet is small in size but practical, it's more than enough for everyday entryway items, I only purchased one at the time but now I think two would be great if placed side by side together in our entryway. Just right, as we measured this size up.

Baird Clapham
This is also so perfect for my entryway with the space at the bottom for my many shoeboxes.

I love this entryway cabinet because I have a lot of shoe boxes that I can't find space to put, and the space at the bottom of this cabinet is perfect for me to put my boxes of shoes. Stacked side by side, this is just great.

Elma Faulkner
Easy-to-clean surface and plenty of space make this a great entryway cabinet!

The cabinet, which is very simple to install, allowed us to have a complete this entryway cabinet very quickly, which is a little grayish in color. Its surface is very smooth, what I like more is its original handles, metallic and very quality, and the drawers? The size is also very suitable, it is not very big, but, used as an entryway storage, it is also very enough.

Pag Frank
The entryway cabinet is the right size for our home

This entryway cabinet it's the perfect size to place by the door of our home, and it has not only drawers, but also sideboards with doors, as well as a bottom that can be used for our slippers. The space as a whole is a great size, the dimensions are perfect, and it has a very suitable design for the whole space.