Homfa 31.5'' H x 54.5'' W Kids Bookshelf with Reading Nook, 2 Seats 7 Toy Shelves Wooden Kids Storage Organizer, White

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Venus Electra
The smooth painted surface is easy to clean and the cushion design is also very convenient.

There are so many details about this piece of children's furniture that impress us, starting with the fact that its smooth painted surface is so easy to clean, so even if the baby usually draws on it with watercolour pencils in some, well. Colourful words does not matter, because it can be easily scrubbed off, at the same time, the design of the cushion is also very convenient, it can be very good to let the baby sit on it safely, which is a very important point. Because children's furniture, you must guard the baby, is to guard a good family.

Yehudi Lily
A very powerful children's storage furniture

Of the seven storage compartments, two of them are adjustable into one, so this provides a very flexible way of storing our books. Overall, this is a very functional piece of children's furniture that not only does a great job of making our children's room look great, but it also makes this a much neater and more organised space.

Gale Benjamin
Developing a good reading habit is important for a child.

It's a quiet place for your baby to develop a good reading habit. Overall, we think this bookshelf is a week after it came into our home. It has done a great job of helping our baby develop the habit of tidying up after himself, which was the most pleasant surprise for us.

Jocelyn Emmie
A comfortable reading space is too important thing for the growth of children

I think it's very, very important to have a cosy reading space for the little ones in the family, because reading is so important for a child's development. So we prepared such a children's bookshelf for the baby as a gift for him to come to our home, we are very welcome to become the master of our home, of course, we have to learn a lot of knowledge, such a bookshelf. It's great.

Cara Edmund
A multifunctional bookcase is perfect for children.

For a family that has just had a small child, storage can be a really vexing problem because there really is so much more stuff in the house all at once. That's why we searched for a very wide range of bookshelves and finally chose this multi-functional storage bookshelf, which is very suitable for children because of its cute shape.