Homfa 31.5'' H x 54.5'' W Kids Bookshelf with Reading Nook, 2 Seats 7 Toy Shelves Wooden Kids Storage Organizer, White

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David Penn
Lovely simple white bookcase with soft cushions.

The white children's bookshelf coupled with the lovely edge design is as lovely as a cloud, soft, superior, elegant, and the white style can be well adapted to the child's naive character. Even if you put more colorful picture books and ornamental toys on it, you won't feel out of place. Cushion is very soft, we sit on it can be very good. It allows the child to quiet down to read, and also the design of the three layers surrounding the cushion is safe enough for the child to sit on it we are very relieved.

Liz Woolf
I'm so happy with this bookshelf that I'm comfortable recommending it to a friend!

This book offer is the only furniture in our house that we have repurchased for the second time because we purchased one for our baby when he was one year old and he did a great job of organizing it for us now. We ordered this bookcase again because our baby is growing up and needs more space, and because we already had an experience before, everything went much smoother this time, we assembled him very quickly in a very nice and familiar way, and he is indeed exactly the same excellent as the one we purchased at the beginning. It's great.

Antony Norton
Excellent children's book and newspaper stand, purchased again for my best friend

I purchased this book and newspaper stand when I had my first baby, at that time it added very, very much convenience to our home, organizing a lot of picture books, books and toys for my baby, we also. Teaching my baby to read, write and tell stories on this cushion, he has created so many cozy memories for our family. Now my best friend had a baby. My first thought was to purchase another one of these book quotes for him as a gift, I really love it so much.

Merlin Charles
People who have seen this bookshelf have given a lot of praise!

This book and newspaper rack is one of my favorite children's furniture in our home until now I am still willing to recommend it to my surrounding neighbors, the reason why I buy again is. Purchased for my friend, because the last time he came to my house, he saw this book offer and fell in love with it, he is my best friend, of course I did not hesitate to order one for him again as his, baby gift.

Rebecca Gibbon
The adjustable space shelves are perfect for my baby's new model

The best thing about this book offer is that it is in the middle, the reading area is very great, because it this cushion is soft, and the backrest is also very comfortable, the backrest is also very safe, is wrapped around, the baby on it is absolutely. Absolutely safe, we are absolutely at ease, at the same time, its compartment is adjustable, so you can two into a higher space, which can be placed in my son's latest purchase of the space model, which is simply great.