Homfa 31.5'' H x 54.5'' W Kids Bookshelf with Reading Nook, 2 Seats 7 Cube Wooden Child Toy Storage Organizer for Playroom, White

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Edward Simpson
The weight was definitely an issue that was hard to overcome, but it's really good quality!

I put a lot of effort into the installation of this piece of children's furniture and even asked my neighbor to help me bring it back to my house because it was really, really heavy. More weight than I could lift, but the good thing is that its quality is worth such a price and effort. I ended up with a perfect bookshelf that I was able to get put together nicely by myself because it was a lot of pieces. And, for an act that requires no brain power, just following instructions, it was a piece of cake for me.

Rex Faulkner
The final choice after a long time of selection, satisfied with the purchase of the bookshelf

We have looked at many models of children's furniture on the market, especially this kind with seats, now this is considered an optimal solution for children. Because he is well surrounded by this seat, surround the child in it, so that parents can be very reassuring to let the child alone his a reading space.

Kennedy Clapham
I'm just so happy with it because this children's bookshelf is really cute!

I really can't find anything that can make me feel less satisfied with this children's bookshelf, because its appearance alone has shielded me from all the faults about it. It's really so cute, not to mention that it has a more solid safety design as well as comfortable cushions and adjustable partitions, every bit of it is simply awesome.

Norma Rockefeller
Safely wrapped around our baby, the bookshelf is great

My child sat in this seat and I felt at first glance that it was safe, but of course I reinforced it with an extra layer of my own to completely enclose my child in it so that he was able to sit in it and read safely while I was reading. It's great great to foster our parent-child reading activities together.

Joseph Wolf
A great upgrade to the cluttered space in our house, I'm so happy!

I love this bookcase shelf, not only because it's my favorite white color, but also because it's a look that doesn't require me to remodel it any more than it already is, and it's perfect for the room in our house. It's a nice touch, and we didn't have a very complicated decor in the first place. Secondly, I'm a fan of organizing, so I've never been able to resist a powerful bookshelf like this one. I have a lot of bookshelves in my house, and since we all love to read, I got this one for my baby to hold his children's books.