Homfa 3 Seater Leatheraire Sofa for Living Room, 84" Chesterfield Sofa Cushion Upholstered Button Tufted Back Couch with Nailhead Accent Scrolled Armrest, Camel

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Jo Emmie
Clean and simple styling lines, atmospheric and comfortable sofa.

This neckline is able to make the whole sofa look very sharp, I'm not a big fan of those very soft sofas, and this one it's just the right amount of softness for me, hmmm. It's fabric is also very soft and cozy to the touch, and it's also wonderfully supportive, as you can see the four gourd corners are all graphite built. Just in assembling it, I was able to clearly see that it really is worth the price.

Novia Silas
Classic look styling atmospheric sofa

This sofa is a Chelsea Fields style sofa, the overall look is a very classic shape, at the same time, its fabric is not the same as other usual PU leather. The fabric is more skin-friendly and breathable, and of course it can be easily wiped clean, overall lying on it feels very comfortable, like being wrapped up in a quilt, I am very satisfied.

Boyd Bertha
The solid wood legs are great and support the sofa very securely

I like the gourd feet of this sofa, because it is the corner of the solid wood, very strong, and the paint looks very smooth, overall make the sofa looks very expensive. Meanwhile, I was pleasantly surprised by the fabric of this sofa, which is a little bit like newspaper, and it feels very comfortable and warm to the touch, not cold like ordinary leather. But in the summer it is also very breathable, very cool, lying on the top of the nap, it is very comfortable, I enjoy every day on the top of the nap time, because this sofa I am now put it in my office inside. He is very good.

Abner Dan
Padding and the right degree of my favorite type of sofa

The filling of this sofa is very good, although it is said that it, may be a little bit hard when it is just opened, but in fact, after putting it for a long time, it will slowly become soft. And lying on it is actually quite enough, I think, anyway, I am very satisfied with its a softness, including the backrest support is also very good.

Berg Morris
The rivets and rolled arm design make the sofa more stylish and young looking

I love the riveted design of this sofa, it adds such a rolled arm and rivets on top of the, classic shape, which gives it more of a liberated vibe rather than that old college style. I love this because he makes me feel like it belongs to a young man's elegance, it's great.