Homfa King Size Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard, Diamond Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed Frame, Black

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Bruno Gus
The process of owning this bed frame has been smooth and I haven't had any other bad issues so I'...

How can I describe to you such a happy feeling after I received this bed frame and put it together without any problems? Because all the furniture I've assembled before has always taken a lot of time. I'm really not a very good hands-on assembler, but this long vacation was the only bed frame that I completed in just half an hour in what I thought would be a daunting task. So it's actually a very simple construction, it's just such and such in that some very basic parts, but then, it can be in the middle of the various screws fit. It's a solid support for my new mattress in my bedroom, and it's fantastic.

Cyril Eugen
Gentle velvet and funky crystal buttons, great buy!

The texture of the velvet makes me feel warm, especially when I need to lean on it for my nightly bedtime reading. I'm not a big fan of those leathery burlap ones, I just love this flannel one. Because it's so soft to the touch and the upholstery on this bed frame makes me feel comfortable and gives me just the right amount of cozy support. My back rests comfortably against it and it doesn't leave me feeling sore and tired. Just a very appropriate long vacation.

Esther Peacock
There needs to be strong support and this bed frame does that very well.

I think a bed frame is important to me, and not that important, to be honest, I'm not a big sleeper, so I don't really spend that much time in bed in my life. But I felt that, well, a bed frame it must need to be comfortable and supportive, because one of my short sleep times is when I take off all my defenses, so it must be safe enough. I've tested it for a long time and this bed frame hasn't shown any signs of wobbling until now, so I'm still happy with it.

Peter Noah
Comfortable bed frame with soft cushion, beautiful and practical

Believe me, this black bed frame you will definitely will be very favorite, its soft package is really very comfortable, and its whole package of velvet is very skin-friendly and soft, and far from looking and its. Crystal buttons together with the words is very expensive and stylish, a very modern and fashionable black velvet upholstered long frame, believe me, it's really, really, really great.

Ben Washington
I love the bed frame but the delivery confirmation is irritating

The bed frame is definitely a good one, but the delivery service is not. My teacher said I'm not really a fan of talking bad about others behind their backs. But this delivery service really made me feel like I wasn't too happy, he left it for me at my doorstep some distance away, which is thank goodness I ended up getting the package safely or I don't know how much more would have happened. Trouble? Of course, the bed is indeed a very quality, textured bed frame and provides a good a support for my sleep.