Homfa Kids Bookshelf Storage Cabinet with Mobile Drawer, 2 Door Wood Toddler Toy Cubby Storage for Living Room Kidsroom

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Chapman Crichton
Children's favorite bookshelf with lovely appearance

This chic castle bookshelf is really great, it's really just the kind of shape that kids love to have, much like the castle in Frozen. The kids have placed so many books and their little ornaments in it that it is now full, so we plan to buy some more to put in our store. It's really great.

Debby Baker
Cute appearance not only attracts children's favorite, storage function is also very strong

Furniture for kids must be cute enough for them to want to be near it. This bookshelf will surely attract a lot of kids' attention because it really looks like a pretty castle with pretty stars twinkling on it, which are the bright yellow handles. At the same time, the whole design of its shape is really so original that our kids here love it at a glance, and I'm so happy to have such a bookshelf to help me, hmmm. It's great to organize so many books for kids, he's great.

Will Anne
As if for the baby to create a castle paradise, see her happy we are also satisfied

The castle shape bookshelf with such a lovely star shape handle is very much like the happy home of the prince and the princess in the fairy tale, my daughter loves this shape, we have chosen a lot of bookshelves for her, and she finally decided to take this one by herself. So I'm sure this bookshelf will be able to accompany him to grow up well, the storage space on the top is great, and there is also an anti-tipping device, which is also very safe and stable.

Constance Ella
The cute shape of the children's bookshelf is very popular with babies

The look of this children's bookshelf is so unique too, it's as if I bought back a castle for my baby to put inside his bedroom. It's just too cute, two small doors can create a private space for him to store his little secrets, of course we won't go too far into his arrangement, but enough. The lattice space will allow him to get those readers, books ah, well categorized, and, the categorization is definitely enough as it has many lattices, what I like more is the star handle, it's really too cute.

Randolph Dalton
Turned out to be the most popular children's furniture on our side and plan to buy it again

The warm white and bright yellow color palette is very suitable for children's lively and happy personality, placed inside our children's reading room. It's really very suitable, after our new store opened, this place is very popular with children, and many friends come to take pictures, currently it is a very popular one in our store, attraction. So we plan to purchase two more to expand, it's just great, this children's bookshelf.