Homfa Kids Bookshelf with Reading Nook, 6 Shelf Bookcase with 1 Wood Toy Bin with 3 Tier Book Rack for Children Kidsroom

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Sabrina Walpole
The spacious cushions provide a great atmosphere for our cozy bonding time.

The wider cushions on the bookshelf will allow us to spend more time reading. The previous teacher said that the bookshelf was fine when the baby was small, but now that the baby is getting bigger, it's a little cramped for the two of us to sit on it. This one won't be at all, and there will be plenty of room, so we didn't hesitate to buy a new one.

William Amelia
With the upgraded needs, the children's furniture must be updated as well, and this cute children...

As the child grows up, the furniture that accompanies him must also be updated to better match and adapt to his daily use. This bookshelf, not only has a lot of space to organize the child's books, there is also enough space to organize his messy, no way to properly arrange the toys, and there are. Wheels, so the baby is able to easily open it and put things in.

Esther Kellogg
The wider and bigger shelves are better for older kids in grades

This children's bookshelf, which is more enlarged, is more suitable for slightly older children, so we purchased one for our eldest and left the original one for our youngest. What's even better about this one is that he has a large drawer that is on wheels, so baby can run all over the house with it to organize his little toys that are scattered all over the place. He gets along with both of our babies now. What about the more spacious cushions, they are also able to seat both babies on them, so we are very happy with that.

Norton Franklin
Thanks to this bookshelf, I have a clean living room.

Our family really loves this children's bookshelf, which not only serves as a piece of study furniture to help our child organize his books, but also serves as a great toy companion to help him organize his various toys. Toys partner to help him organize it a variety of small toys, I really take it those small toys can not help, but good thing there is this children's bookshelf to help, and now our home is still barely able to maintain a certain degree of neatness and cleanliness.

Monroe Lucius
Upgraded my baby's kids furniture and finally chose this one

I have to say that I would definitely buy one of these again, we bought a smaller one before but the smaller one was just too much for the six year old who now has so much stuff and so many toys that need to be organized that there's no way to place them. And this book and newspaper rack, this big drawer it comes with is perfect for that, big organizer to be exact, so we are planning to give all the bookshelves in the house an upgrade. The original ones are planned to be given to my brother's kids.