Homfa 6 Drawer Double Dresser for Bedroom, Gold Handle Drawer Wood Storage Cabinet for Living Room, White

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Kristin Bess
There are some expensive, but great value for money dressers.

The super thick base makes me even more confident that this dresser it's perfectly safe, plus it has an anti-tipping one to make this double guarantee even more. I'm so happy to have gotten a dresser like this, even though it's a little pricey.

Arno Euphemia
The two side by side dressers upgraded the space management in our home even better.

The six oversized drawers have given me enough space for all the little clothes inside my checkroom. Well, I purchased two of them and put them side by side and at the same time, the top of them combined together also provides me with a great display. The top of the space holds a lot of my photo albums, and my makeup guys, love it.

Chasel Sheridan
Super love this dresser, beautiful look.

I really love this dresser because it's so chunky and it just looks like it can hold a lot of stuff, and it's just so nice and comfortable to have a very large capacity organizer like this.

Leonard Nancy
The base makes this dresser more stable.

The gold knobs, coupled with the pure white one finish, is actually a very classic combination, but then, what makes it even more unusual, I think, is that its base, and the edges of its cabinet are. It has a little bit of a vintage style, but it brings it out in a modern form, making this cabinet very versatile.

Claude Juliana
The white dresser style is very versatile and looks great anywhere in your home!

I don't think you have to count too much on a white cabinet, it must be able to match any style of decoration in the home very well, and this, well, white dresser, it comes with a combination of six large drawers. I think it's practical and beautiful at the same time.