Homfa 8 Large Drawer Horizontal Dresser for Bedroom, 47'' W Vintage Wood Storage Cabinet Chest for Living Room, White

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Malcolm Nichol(s)
With the vase, the beauty of the dresser's appearance is upgraded!

The white dresser is always so bright and versatile, I couldn't have put it in my living room any other way, and I put a couple of vases on it, which complemented it very well, and I love the elegance of it. For my overall living room setup, I was referencing a lot of vintage decorating inspirations, and this dresser is very much like one.

Elton Aldridge
Safe the beauty is full of white dresser

This dresser is exactly what I was looking for, a beautiful look and plenty of storage space, as well as, various user-friendly design details with its base and. The anti-tipping device together, so that the stability of this dresser has a double guarantee, and its eight large drawers is to make it will be its powerful storage function to play to the fullest. Elegant and generous, the modern look with a bit of vintage-inspired handles makes this dresser even more unique, and it's the best in my heart.

Oscar Flower
Like an elegant mid-century lady, it looks beautiful and decorates my home.

The appearance of this dresser is also too elegant, it is overall like, the furniture used inside the ancient century palace, so elegant and beautiful. And yet generous, I love the design of its convex top, the whole thing makes me feel that it's very atmospheric and luxurious. The flower shaped handle is metallic and removable, but I don't intend to DIY it again myself because I just love the handle itself. That's why I purchased it, and I also love the fact that it has a slightly protruding base, which not only gives the overall look a more vintage look, but also adds a lot of safety.

Bernice Bernard
Eight drawers are enough to organize my clothes.

These eight drawers are big enough to hold all my clothes. I keep this eight drawer dresser next to my bedroom bed to organize my assortment of lighter clothes. It fits perfectly and being able to sort it in eight ways, I really think it's great that I can finally sort my clothes by color.

Jeff Lytton
Lucky to get such a quality piece of furniture at a great price!

Who would have thought I'd get this excellent dresser at his best deal? It is true that when you come across a piece of furniture that you are excited about, you must do it as soon as possible because I have observed that its price is slowly returning to its normal level, and I am glad that I came across him when he was in his new product period, and I am now. He wants to purchase two more because it's really fantastic. I've been using it for a while now, and although it's white, it has a smooth material surface, so I'm able to wipe it down pretty easily. It still holds up well now too.