Homfa Queen Size LED Bed Frame with 2 Storage Drawer, Modern Velvet Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed with Arched Headboard for Bedroom, Beige

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Cynthia Maggie
I truly recommend for this bed frame because it is just fantastic.

I may not be able to say that this bed frame is the best, the best such words, but I really would like to write so many words for this bed to praise it. It does bring us a lot of cozy moments, the upholstery component of this bed frame is great, that is, when you lean on it, you will feel that it has been insisting on giving you a good support. And this kind of support can make me feel very comfortable, and I think it's actually enough, plus it's such a versatile bed frame that not only comes with. Light strips that can sparkle colors, and storage space, fantastic.

Jack William
Lovely upholstered bed frame, perfect for my lovely daughter!

This cute headboard looks like a gold trimmed hat, and the overall image is just adorable, so I instantly fell in love with it as my 18th gift for my daughter. We're moving into a new home, so we put a lot of thought into picking out new furniture, and this bed frame was the best value for money of any of the bed frames we purchased. Its price is a little expensive, but when we receive its package and open it, will be surprised to find that it's every bit. Are very worthwhile, the quality is excellent, and many details of workmanship are fully tested to the customer experience, I give him full marks.

Yehudi Fast
The perfect details of the bed frame will surely bring me an even better sleeping experience!

I think the most important thing about a bed is that its function is to sleep, so it must have a really great support, and this bed frame does that base. Basically it is also able to provide us with very many extra features, such as during the night time, it can turn the light on to prevent. We bump into other places, and it has this light that can also bounce and flash to music, which is really cool.

Ula Louisa
Great details to improve the user experience, I'm very happy with the upholstered bed frame

All the details of the bed frame are well done, including the mute strip on top of the metal slats, which prevents some noise from the slats and metal colliding. Effectively enhance a good sleeping experience, and the better part of this bed frame is that it does not need to buy an additional box spring can be very good. It's great to put the mattress on it for one use.

Ruth Bauer
Gentle support I am very comfortable, filling is great

Thanks to this white crib, my spare time of rest becomes more comfortable, its backrest is well-padded. So leaning on it can give my back good support, the whole seems like a pair of big hands embracing me in it, so I'm leaning very comfortably, and the support of the bed frame is also very solid. The slats are all high quality wood, so with the metal frame, I don't feel shaky even when I'm lying on it with my sister.