Homfa 6 Drawer Double White Dresser for Bedroom, Modern Wood Dresser Storage Cabinet for Living Room

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Looks great in my bedroom, I love this dresser!

This six-drawer dresser, I didn't put it in my foyer, but in my bedroom, because I think it will match better with the decoration of my bedroom, which is on the side. My bedroom is a little bit vintage style, the overall color tone is white, and this dresser, with its gold handles and overall white cabinet inside my bedroom, will be able to carry out a decorative role very well. I plan to use it to organize a lot of my miscellaneous little things, and it definitely works. Also these socks of mine will be fine in the bottom two tiers I think, the space at the bottom will be able to be cleared easily so no need to worry about in. Cleaning up causes trouble.

Mandy Brooke
Wide top of the dresser, plus plenty of drawer space

The top of the dresser is spacious enough for me to put in my entryway to place a lot of my things, my picture frames, my ornaments, my vases, all of them are able to be placed on it, and the six very large drawers. It is also very suitable to put in our entrance to organize a variety of small things at home, such as stamps ah, albums ah, and usually need to use some of the documents ah, can be placed inside, and the bottom. Space, it is a little distance from the ground, can let the sweeping robot through, can also be used to put our usual slippers, are very good.

Zoe Croft
Great quality dresser, nice white color.

This white dresser is a lot heavier overall, than other pieces of furniture, which of course says something about its quality for sure, very high quality for the price it's going for. I love it, the antique gold handles, very vintage and elegant, but the overall style is very modern, so that combined makes me feel that it matches such a unique taste of mine, because I for one really can't say what I like, but when I saw it at first sight, I felt that I had to have it. This six drawer dresser.

Leila Jones
Quality handle texture, beautiful white dresser without too much finishing.

Such a drawer, it has six, this kind of arrangement then, to a certain extent, a lot safer, and its back plate is a little heavier, so you can see that it is in the solidity of the above is to do some work, some upgrades, and the handle has a good texture, I even also. It's possible to replace it with other styles that I like, it's DIY-able, which is great overall, but I feel like I'm already happy with its original design, so I don't have to go through the extra trouble of fitting it. I just need to use it now to properly organize and categorize my room and make it more refreshing, and that's all I need.

Sam Pigou
Excellent dresser with six roomy drawers plus elegant look.

The drawer space teacher said it is enough, so much space and multiply it by six, it is really great to be able to hold many, many things, put it in my checkroom, purchased a total of two, side by side together is enough. The top part is smooth, I was able to wipe it clean easily and it was easy to assemble, the only bad point is that it's a little heavy, so it took me a lot of effort when I was moving this luggage. Overall, it's still okay.