Homfa 6 Drawer Double Dresser, 47.2'' Wood Storage Side Cabinet Chest of Drawer for Bedroom Living Room, White

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Dave Oscar
Simple design with stylish details, satisfied with the dresser!

Modern looking white sideboard with six large drawers and overall, it is very much what I was looking for in a white piece of furniture lol. The furniture in my home is picked in such a minimalist style, so I don't have to worry about it standing out, and the styling of this sideboard is generous and gorgeous. I just love this kind of, what about its six drawers, it also provides me with very much, very much space, I am able to make a classification of my various clothes, yes, that's right, I am going to put it in my checkroom.

Solomon Yonng
Very smooth dresser purchase, works well in my bedroom.

When I received the package, nothing happened to him, so his package was in very good condition and luckily, I received the complete accessories and finished his assembly very smoothly. It does have a little bit of smell, but it's a very normal smell of new furniture, so we put it on the balcony to air it out for about a day or two, and the smell basically dissipated, and now we have it in the bedroom. Purchased a total of two, according to the logic should be three, but, found that my room is still not wide enough, so only accommodate two, he is now for me to organize storage my various clothes, I am very satisfied.

Clare Reade
The solid dresser construction and smooth drawer system is superb!

The system of this drawer is very smooth, which means that in the course of daily use, it does not lag in any way, and then it does not make a lot of noise. It's all very normal with all the wear and tear, so it's, also, a very solid system, and it's beautiful and simple in our home, but then, it's also very versatile, and I think it's a very. Superior design, both its appearance and its frame structure, not only able to take into account the adequate, storage function, but also able to take into account the stylish appearance.

Mortimer Sherwood
Simple look but great storage, plenty of space, great!

This white dresser, honestly has a bit of an oversimplified look to it, so simple that it doesn't have any finishing touches, but has this clever idea on top of it's drawer handles, which is that it's a slanted one. The slots allow me to put my fingers right in and pull the drawer out, a design that I actually like because it's a smooth drawer panel that takes a lot of the burden off of me when I'm cleaning. Also the white look is very versatile, no matter, what kind of décor can match well, so that's why this six drawer dresser is very popular, I think.

Winston Stephen
I waited for some time, but the final product of the dresser is worth it!

I waited a long time for this dresser because they were out of stock for a while halfway through, and I was willing to wait even a little bit because I loved the look of it and I had already purchased one before. But that one is currently working well inside my old house and accommodated us very well, so now in my new home I want to purchase some more, I for one don't really like to go looking for new styles, such a classic one. The chest of drawers will already be able to come to play its role in all the rooms inside my house, I trust it.