Homfa 8 Drawer Black Double Dresser for Bedroom, Glass Door Modern Wood Storage Cabinet for Living Room Hallway

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Rex Chamberlain
Very luxurious look and shiny gold handles

The black dresser with gold knobs gives a very luxurious look and makes this dresser more compatible with our modern style interior. So we are very happy with this one.

Vic Cowper
Interesting flip door space and is very aesthetically pleasing.

This dresser actually has eight drawers, it's just that the top two of these do open up in a somewhat unique way, and I've been a fan of this specialized design since. Combined with the remaining drawers underneath the back, the system has six drawers, such a very interesting way of opening and flexible combination that gives me more for my space. The scheme of the organization.

Tracy Holt
Versatile combination of storage spaces and interesting flip door design

If I want plenty of storage then this dresser gives me six very large drawers, if I want to display my collectibles, and my ornaments. Then this dresser has two tiers with a combination of open and closed shelves, and if I want it to be secure enough, this dresser gives me very large. The safety comes from his prominent base and anti-tip gear.

Brook Raphael
Very practical eight drawer dresser in combination

This dresser has a total of six drawers, plus two open compartment spaces, the combination is very practical, I can put a lot of. Socks, small things are stored inside the drawers and can have plenty of options to categorize them, as well as put some of my small ornaments in the space above. This keeps the dust out and allows me to see them very clearly.

Zebulon Huggins
Amazingly fast delivery of the dresser

So all we had to do was put the multiple pieces of this dresser together, and also the delivery was so quick that we had planned to finish this assembly after work this Friday. However, he was delivered today on Wednesday.