Homfa 7 Drawer White Dresser for Bedroom, Chest of Drawers with Glass Panel Wood Storage Cabinet for Living Room Dining Room

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Egbert Bruce
Upgraded styling I love the dresser even more!!!!

I purchased this dresser once a long time ago and the handles were gold at the time, but now he seems to have had an upgrade with a wider base and more elegant black handles. The color palette is much more harmonious, and I like the overall design of the dresser as well, as I feel safer and more secure with this upgrade.

Kerr Jonah
With a wider base and anti-tip, the safe dresser also has lots of storage space!

The wider base makes me feel more comfortable placing this dresser inside my son's bedroom because, well, this dresser. The one color scheme of white and black is perfect for little kids, especially little boys. That's why I picked this one for my son, and the combination of drawers of different sizes makes me feel more compliant in the placement of items. The top of the class has more options to choose and distribute, so the quality of this dresser is also very good, I love and satisfied with all the products of this brand.

Tess Michael
The wrap around top is awesome and keeps my belongings safe from falling!

This seven drawer dresser is simply beautiful, the white color style coupled with the sparkling glass top makes the whole thing premium and elegant. And it has a spacious cabinet top and a fence around the edge of the top to keep my items from falling, which I really love.

Venus Bridges
The combination of drawers in different sizes makes this dresser come alive!

I love that the dresser has seven large drawers, four large drawers and three slightly smaller smaller drawers to be exact, however they are. The drawer system is all very smooth and I was able to push and pull them all in, easily and smoothly, but of course what I love even more about this dresser is the way it looks. The classic combination of black and white reveals a more stylish and modern look, which I feel matches well inside my modernly decorated bedroom.

Page Child
Multiple side by side to create my perfect checkroom! Super love!

There are four big drawers and three small drawers in total, and I love this combination because the big drawers can be used by me to store some of my clothes and pants, and small blankets. The small drawers can be used to sort my jewelry, such as my watches, earrings and necklaces, which can be put in a separate drawer, and I purchased a total of two of them to put in my checkroom. Now side by side, it's really perfect.